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Our standard up-stands are 110mm high (about 4 inches) and when possible, are cut and edge polished for the same slab as your worktops are. Normally they go all round the kitchen on all walls and often hen a window sill has been ordered, they are retuned into the window. Upstands are generally 20mm thick.

Please ask for a cost on application.


These are higher than our standard upstands and are (although occasionally all round) normally in certain splash/splatter areas of the kitchen e.g. behind the hob or sink. They are often made from 20mm sheeting but can also be 30mm, they are also not a standard stock item so please check availability and price on application.

Splashbacks can be tailor made to fit your kitchen. Window sills, cooker back splashes, upstands and shelves can also be made to match.

We can supply them to match your choice of worktop or if you prefer, we can provide a contrasting style. All splashback edges are polished to give a sleek smooth finish. We can make cut outs for sockets and drill holes for extractors. There are no rules, this is completely a matter of personal preference. Some people have no splashbacks or up-stands - choosing to tile right down to the worktops, this choice reduces the overall cost. However, if the budget can stretch, we would recommend spending the extra money on the extras, as they really do provide a great finish.